The Future of Scrubber Dryers?

The Future of Cleaning: The Shift to Autonomous (Robotic) Scrubber Dryers In recent years, the landscape of commercial cleaning has been undergoing a significant transformation, driven by advances in technology. One of the most notable changes is the shift towards autonomous (robotic) scrubber dryers. These innovative machines are revolutionising the way we approach floor cleaning, […]

R3 Scrub Pro – A Revolution in Professional Cleaning!

Are you ready to elevate your cleaning standards? Introducing the R3 Scrub Pro, a cutting-edge solution designed to revolutionise the way you approach professional cleaning. With its premium build quality, comprehensive sensor coverage, and exceptional edge-to-edge cleaning capabilities, the R3 Scrub Pro is engineered to deliver a deep, professional clean in a single pass, making […]

The Next Generation Of Cleaning Machines

Motion Cleaning Machines has made a significant leap in the realm of autonomous floor cleaning by deploying the Lionsbot Rex CS robotic floor scrubber sweeper earlier this year. This innovative machine represents the latest in robotic cleaning technology, offering advanced features and unparalleled efficiency. While a R3 Pro tipped to join their fleet later in […]

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