The Next Generation Of Cleaning Machines


Motion Cleaning Machines has made a significant leap in the realm of autonomous floor cleaning by deploying the Lionsbot Rex CS robotic floor scrubber sweeper earlier this year. This innovative machine represents the latest in robotic cleaning technology, offering advanced features and unparalleled efficiency. While a R3 Pro tipped to join their fleet later in the year, further enhancing their cleaning capabilities.

As the chosen partner for this client, Motion Cleaning Machines is thrilled to be part of their journey towards a future dominated by robotic cleaning solutions. By integrating these cutting-edge machines into their operations, the client can now allocate their personnel to more specialised tasks and specific needs, optimising overall productivity and service quality.

This strategic move not only underscores Motion Cleaning Machines’ commitment to innovation and excellence but also highlights their dedication to supporting their clients with the most advanced and effective cleaning technologies available. The deployment of the Lionsbot Rex CS and the potential addition of the R3 Pro mark a new era in efficient, autonomous cleaning, setting a benchmark for the industry.

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