Summer Show Success


In June 2024, Motion Cleaning Machines successfully attended two major exhibitions simultaneously, showcasing our dedication and organisational prowess. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to pull off two successful shows at the same time.

Pre-Show Preparation

The lead-up to the exhibitions involved meticulous planning and organisation. Detailed plans and document folders were prepared for each team attending the shows. These included key information about the events, such as build and breakdown details, parking instructions, show access information, and stand floor plans for layout. Copies of exhibitor badges were also included to ensure smooth entry.

Prior to the exhibitions, our teams gathered to review all relevant information and finalise logistics for transporting machines to and from the venues. This collaboration ensured everyone was on the same page and ready for a seamless setup and breakdown process.

Show Time

During the exhibition days, multiple team members represented Motion Cleaning Machines at both the Road Transport Expo (RTX) in Stoneleigh and the Smart Factory Expo at Birmingham’s NEC. This required additional support from our engineering and office teams to maintain our high standard of service without any disruption for our customers.

At RTX, we showcased our innovative Speedy Wash solution, engaging with potential clients and reconnecting with past and existing customers. The interactions at our stand were invaluable for building relationships and demonstrating the effectiveness of our products.

Simultaneously, at the Smart Factory Expo, our team highlighted the RUWAC extraction solution tailored for the manufacturing industry. This event provided an excellent platform to present our cutting-edge technology to a focused audience, further establishing our presence in the industry.

Achieving Success

The success of attending two exhibitions simultaneously was a testament to our comprehensive planning and teamwork. Our ability to coordinate across different locations ensured that both events ran smoothly, and our commitment to service excellence remained uncompromised. By working together and supporting one another, we not only managed to showcase our products effectively but also maintained our high standards of customer service.

Motion Cleaning Machines is proud of the efforts and dedication of our whole team, who made this dual-exhibition feat possible. Their hard work ensured that we could highlight our top-tier cleaning solutions to diverse audiences while continuing to serve our clients with the utmost professionalism and care.

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