Speedy Wash Delivery Day At Motion


Delivery days at Motion are always filled with a mix of excitement and anticipation as we kick off a swift process to get these machines into our customers’ hands.

Every Speedy Wash machine starts in Italy, individually crafted to the precise specifications of our customers with great care and precision. This production stage often results in the longest wait time for our customers, and we’re constantly in collaboration with our supplier, Bitimec, to streamline this.

Once assembled at Bitimec’s facility in Italy, these machines embark on their journey to the UK. Typically, over a week, provided there are no interruptions, our batch of Speedy Wash machines transit through 2-3 countries before reaching UK customs.

After clearing customs, the machines are only days away, dependant on delivery slots, from arriving at our Cambridge location. And then, the much-anticipated delivery day arrives.


With a 24-hour notice of the machines’ imminent arrival, we mobilize. We ensure that staff trained in forklift operation are ready, and our schedules are cleared for the tasks ahead: unloading, pre-delivery inspections, and most importantly customer deliveries. Ingeniously, our machines come double-stacked on the trucks, allowing us to optimize delivery volumes for our customers.

Unstacking these machines poses a unique challenge, requiring our forklift operators to exercise great care to prevent any damages. Once safely offloaded, we then separate the machines and set them in their upright position. This isn’t a swift task, as we meticulously ensure no damage occurs as well as carefully removing all safety supports used during transit.

For the machines to stand upright, we position them onto our specialised self-lifting trailer (a feature familiar to our customers as they would have seen it on demo days raising and lowering our demo machine). Once securely in place, we elevate them. After this, the machines are moved to our designated Speedy section within the warehouse, where they undergo pre-delivery inspections before being dispatched to our clients.

Our interdepartmental synergy ensures a smooth and swift transition from machine receipt to inspection, culminating in prompt delivery to our customers.

What is a Pre-Delivery Inspection?

Pre-Delivery Inspections (or PDIs) are rigorous assessments we conduct on each machine. This is when we verify the presence and correctness of all accessories and safety features, while also ensuring that everything is working correctly as designed. Additionally, our team checks and confirms the flawless operation of every machine feature.

Fun Fact: On our lithium machines, the shade of orange/ yellow (there is a company debate on this) on the machines casing will vary slightly on every machine due to the hand dying process.

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