The Future of Scrubber Dryers?

The Future of Cleaning: The Shift to Autonomous (Robotic) Scrubber Dryers In recent years, the landscape of commercial cleaning has been undergoing a significant transformation, driven by advances in technology. One of the most notable changes is the shift towards autonomous (robotic) scrubber dryers. These innovative machines are revolutionising the way we approach floor cleaning, […]

Importance of Servicing and Maintenance of Scrubber Dryers

Scrubber dryers are indispensable tools in maintaining cleanliness in commercial and industrial environments. These machines, designed to clean large floor areas efficiently, require regular maintenance and servicing to ensure optimal performance and longevity. Neglecting these essential practices can lead to machine breakdowns, decreased cleaning efficiency, and increased operational costs. Here we outline some key steps […]

The Differences Between Scrubber Dryers

TomCat Scrubber Dryer

Understanding the Differences Between Scrubber Dryers Scrubber dryers are essential tools for maintaining clean and hygienic floors in various settings, from commercial and industrial environments to healthcare facilities and educational institutions. Choosing the right scrubber dryer can be challenging due to the variety of options available. This article will explore the key differences between various […]

Scrubber Dryer Maintenance Tips

Essential Maintenance Tips for Your Scrubber Dryer A scrubber dryer is an invaluable tool for maintaining clean, polished floors in commercial and industrial settings. Proper maintenance ensures it operates efficiently and has a long lifespan. Here are essential maintenance tips to keep your scrubber dryer in top condition: Daily Maintenance Empty Recovery Tank: After each […]

Why Choose Refurbished Cleaning Equipment

Make a Smart and Sustainable Choice: Go Refurbished for Your Next Cleaning Machine! Are you in the market for a cleaning machine but want to make a cost-effective and sustainable choice? Consider going refurbished! Here’s why opting for a refurbished cleaning machine could be the perfect decision for you: Cost Savings Refurbished cleaning machines are […]

Scrubber Dryer vs Pressure Washer

Understanding the Difference Between a Pressure Washer and a Scrubber Dryer In the realm of cleaning equipment, two popular tools that often come up are pressure washers and scrubber dryers. Both are designed to tackle dirt and grime but operate in fundamentally different ways, suited to different cleaning tasks. This article will delve into the […]

Choosing the Right Floor Cleaner

Tips for Choosing the Right Floor Cleaning Machine for Your Business Selecting the right floor cleaning machine for your business is a crucial decision that impacts efficiency, cleanliness, and overall maintenance costs. With a variety of options available, understanding your specific needs and the features of different machines is essential. Here are some tips to […]

Speedy Wash Delivery Day At Motion

Delivery days at Motion are always filled with a mix of excitement and anticipation as we kick off a swift process to get these machines into our customers’ hands. Every Speedy Wash machine starts in Italy, individually crafted to the precise specifications of our customers with great care and precision. This production stage often results […]

Speedy Wash: The Origins

1993 marked a pivotal year for Speedy Wash. Drawing on Bitimec’s extensive experience in the field of train-washing machines, the company identified a growing demand from customers to adapt similar features for the road-transport sector. This led to the development of the innovative SPEEDY WASH series. In response to this demand, Bitimec patented its first […]

R3 Scrub Pro – A Revolution in Professional Cleaning!

Are you ready to elevate your cleaning standards? Introducing the R3 Scrub Pro, a cutting-edge solution designed to revolutionise the way you approach professional cleaning. With its premium build quality, comprehensive sensor coverage, and exceptional edge-to-edge cleaning capabilities, the R3 Scrub Pro is engineered to deliver a deep, professional clean in a single pass, making […]

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