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Company information / Background:

In early 2022, Tyrers Coaches began assessing various cleaning solutions for their vehicle fleet.


Initially, Tyrers Coaches utilised an on-site drive-through wash for their vehicle fleet. However, as their yard space and fleet size expanded, this method became problematic for cleaning their coaches. Consequently, when the drive-through became impractical, they turned to the Speedy Wash mobile bus wash system. This option was initially more cost-effective and simplified cleaning across the fleet. Nonetheless, with the ongoing expansion of their fleet, a reassessment of their vehicle cleaning strategy was necessary to maintain high cleanliness standards, also being cost-effective and straightforward.


Tyrers considered reinstalling a new drive- through system as one solution. However, this approach would consume precious space in their limited yard and involve significant expenses for the machinery and installation. Alternatively, they contemplated acquiring a second Speedy Wash mobile wash unit. These mobile units can be located across the site, eliminating the requirement for a dedicated space, and are also more financially feasible within their budget constraints.


No Installation Cost Or Set Up Time –  As The Speedy Wash is a mobile system, there is no infrastructure installation requirements involved before the machine is operational. Once the machine arrives on site, it is ready to use.

More Financially Viable – Compared to the cost of a drive thru system, a speedy wash machine is up to 4x cheaper.

Movability – Speedy Wash machines are completely autonomous, meaning that power, water and chemical are all onboard the machine. This means operators are able to easily move it around their sites, opposed to it being tethered and stationary.

Economical & Sustainable – Compared to traditional vehicle cleaning (pressure washer & brush) Speedy Wash system’s uses up to 7x less water. With less water, less chemical is used (the brush aggravated the chemical making it more effective. The chemical systems mean that the cost of washing a vehicle is 0.31p for chemicals.

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