Ruwac – Lead Dust Removal

Case Studies

Company information / Background:

Ruwac develop a system to extract lead particles from ambient air for shooting ranges.


Working with military and sports sector shooting testing, high quantities are tested each day.

As the bullets crash into a hard background behind the target, bullets deform and fine particles of lead exhaust into the ambient air.


In this case, a special construction made of steel (“bullet catcher”) with a connection (Ø150mm) for the extraction has been installed.

Behind it (protected by a wall) is a dust extractor in dust class H in order to extract the harmful lead and lead oxide dust.

To ensure the extraction for two shooting lanes (2 x Ø150mm) one art. 51064 DS65600 H is in use.


  • Worked with client to create solutions for their specific problem
  • Extraction of fine lead particles from ambient air
  • System removes dust directly at at source

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