Manchester Airport Group [STN]

Case Studies

Company information / Background:

[STN] London Stansted Airport (Manchester Airport Group) is an international airport serving over 160 destinations operating 24 hours a day, 365 days for over 27 million passengers each year. With high volume of footfall ensuring cleanliness levels throughout the airport is key, assisted by a fleet of 70 machines.


Management at STN were having issues with their previous contractor with a lack of information with regards to repairs carried out, the high volume of invoices for repairs as well as a lack of clarity on operational fleet.

The lack of communication and clarity resulted in STN management being unaware of the percentage of machines that were operational at anyone time, nor the status of machines which were out of service, such as not working/ awaiting parts/ under repair etc.

This combined with a lack of job reports and high volume of invoices which lacked detail as to what machines had been repaired, what had been done on the job, the machine had been left operational.


Working in the industrial and commercial cleaning machinery sector since 1977, Motion has a wide breath of knowledge and understanding towards fleet management with a portfolio of customers across different sectors and sizes. With past experiences in mind and following a full analysis of STN’s size of site and fleet, Motion were able to provide a detailed recommendation of the requirements in which STN would require to keep their fleet operational, with communication and clarity key to achieving their goals.

Motion introduced a three-tier accountability system for STN’s cleaning machinery fleet. This included:

  • Online asset management system: providing information on each asset at STN including current operational status, breakdown of machine repair history, detail of parts replaced, invoices for work on that machine as well as being able to raise jobs for maintenance/ issues reported.
  • Physical card attachments: providing at glance operational status update of machines IRL for entire workforce.
  • Team management meetings: Monthly management meetings between management at STN and Motion providing full breakdown of fleet status, as well as anticipated repair times, and long-term issues being discussed with forward thinking plans to resolve.

The objective of having a three-tier solution is that there are multiple levels of accountability and clarity provided to stakeholders with the aim to ensure fleet management is taken care of from servicing through to repairs in an effective manner.

Those in management would be able to log into an online portal where they could oversee the status of the entire fleet including being able to carry out cost analysis with the invoice breakdowns for machines across the fleet, while workers on the ground are able to see the status of machines with the physical card attachment.


Through the introduction of a three-tier accountability system across the STN cleaning fleet, machine downtime and repair frequency has been reduced.

The implemented system enabled increased clarity across the fleet for management, with stakeholders being able to clearly identify machine status, as well as any associated costs for each asset at any given time. Through the introduction of the online portal route cause analysis can be carried out on broken machines, identifying any common causes and recommendations for recurrent issues such as workforce machine training if appropriate to fill potential training gaps across staffing. While the implementation of physical tagging of machines has helped to prevent further damage to machines under repair.

Due to the success of the three-tier accountability system, once the entire fleet had been assessed and progress made in the management of the fleet, at the request of STN monthly meetings were moved to quarterly meetings. The success of the programme between Motion and STN lead to Motion being recommended internally as one of their main contractors, leading to Motion taking over management of the entire fleet.

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