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Company information / Background:

[STN] London Stansted Airport (Manchester Airport Group) is the UK’s third largest airport (as of 2020) serving over 160 destinations operating 24 hours a day, 365 days for over 27 million passengers each year. With a high volume of footfall, ensuring cleanliness levels throughout the airport is key, assisted by a fleet of 70 machines.


Management at STN were having issues with their previous contractor due to a lack of information with regards to repairs carried out, the high volume of invoices for repairs as well as a lack of clarity on operational fleet.

During the partnership the coronavirus pandemic started to evolve, highlighting the need of measures to minimise the risk of transmission of the virus within the airport. This included ensuring their current cleaning fleet were operational as well as identifying solutions for issues that would not have been considered of high importance previously, notably LEPC assets.


Motion introduced a three-tier accountability system for STN’s cleaning machinery fleet. Over the course of the partnership between Motion and STN this has developed to include: an online asset management system, physical card attachments and monthly team management meetings.

Knowing the issue that would be revealed when operations resumed to higher capacity at STN following the coronavirus pandemic, Motion looked into innovative solutions for the sanitisation of LEPC assets. Identifying a unit as well as an efficient instillation of the machines.


At the beginning of the partnership before the online asset management system was introduced, Motion provided in depth job reports for each individual asset as work was carried out following site visit.

Following an analysis from Motion regarding what STN were looking to achieve from the information relating to each asset, Motion pursued the implementation of software which would enable STN management & STN stakeholders’ access to an online portal whereby they would be able to access each asset within their cleaning fleet.

All relevant stakeholders now have access to the online portal whereby they can access information on all assets within their fleet, while also linking all jobs carried out onsite to an invoice for repairs, providing full transparency on work being undertaken. This access also enables STN management to implement route cause analysis to be carried out on machines which have frequent downtime.

Meanwhile, the partnership built between Motion and STN enabled identification of an issue in which would arise when footfall through the airport resumed following the coronavirus pandemic, such as the sanitisation of LEPC assets on site. Motion assisted STN with identifying an innovative solution and source ultra violet cleaning devices which would kill any bacteria without the need manual input for LEPC assets.

Following analysis and approval of the devices by STN management, Motion oversaw the installation of the devices across the STN site, as well as carrying out ongoing servicing on devices. These devices are also able to be viewed and managed on online portal with the rest of STN’s cleaning machinery, enabling the clear identification of machine/ device status.

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