George Davies Turf

Case Studies

Company information / Background:

Over 2022, George Davies Turf were expanding their vehicle fleet. With this in mind, maintaining their vehicle fleet, including levels of cleanliness, became a priority.


George Davies Turf have been investing in new trucks and trailers, keeping these well maintained is a key priority. One obstacle faced was washing. Each wash could take between 35-50minutes per vehicle, with a growing fleet this would become uneconomical to have drivers doing this at the start or end of their days. Faced with this issue, they looked for a solution.


The solution to George Davies Turf’s problems was a Bitimec Speedy Wash A225CH. With it’s ease of use, mobility and economic viability compared to built in drive thru system, the mobile speedy wash system was the next step in George Davies Turf fleet management.


No installation time or cost: The Speedy Wash system is ready to go upon delivery as well as no cost as there is no infrastructure required to house the unit.

Mobility: Speedy Wash machines are completely autonomous, meaning that power, water and chemicals are all onboard the machine. This means operators are able to easily move it around their sites, as opposed to it being tethered and stationary.

ROI: Due to the time which is currently spent by workers hand cleaning the fleet, time saved means the machine will pay for itself within a year.

Ease of Use: With simple bar control, alongside the central drive wheel the machine is easy to manoeuvre around vehicles and sites.

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