Industrial Cleaning Machines for Sale

Discover unparalleled cleaning efficiency with our range of new and refurbished machines, tailored for every budget. Our versatile selection excels in any environment, indoor and outdoor, matching your company’s image with impeccable cleanliness. Embrace the perfect blend of performance, value, and style, and elevate your cleaning standards with solutions designed to meet and exceed your expectations.

Cold Pressure Washers

Cold Pressure Washers

Whether you’re refreshing outdoor surfaces, vehicles, equipment, or tackling industrial cleaning tasks, our cold pressure washers deliver unmatched performance and reliability.

Hot Pressure Washers


Ideal for industrial, commercial, and heavy-duty residential cleaning, our hot pressure washers combine high temperatures with high pressure to dissolve and remove stubborn substances without harsh chemicals.

Innovative Floor Cleaners

TSM 35 Innovative Floor Cleaner

From hardwood and tile to carpet and concrete, our innovative technology ensures deep cleaning and meticulous care, leaving your floors spotless and revitalised.

Floor Scrubber Dryers

TomCat Ride On Scrubber Dryer

Ideal for commercial spaces, industrial environments, and large public areas, these machines effortlessly tackle dirt, spills, and stains on various floor types, leaving surfaces spotless and ready for immediate use.

Robotic Machines


Engineered for precision and efficiency, these autonomous cleaners offer a hands-free solution to maintaining pristine environments around the clock. Perfect for commercial, industrial, and residential spaces, our robots navigate and clean with minimal human intervention.

Hazardous Dust Cleaners

Motion Hazard Small Header Image

Safeguard your workspace with our advanced industrial vacuum cleaners, meticulously engineered for the effective removal of hazardous dust. Ideal for environments where safety and cleanliness are paramount and comply with industry regulations effortlessly.

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