A First For Motion


We were recently contact by a client who’s top priority was to get a vehicle wash system back up and running in preparation for the harsher, dirtier winter months. Recognising the urgency, the team at motion commenced with a thorough initial testing phase to diagnose the issue. After identifying an issue within the motor system, they focused on identifying which of the four motors was causing the system to trip.

Once the faulty motor was pinpointed, the team swiftly replaced it along with the associated gear box and drive shaft. After fitting the new components, comprehensive testing was conducted to ensure the system was operating smoothly.

In addition to these major repairs, the team also addressed several minor issues that were discovered during the testing phase. These smaller fixes were crucial in ensuring the overall reliability and efficiency of the bus wash system. Through their diligent work and attention to detail, the team ensured that the bus wash system was fully functional and ready to handle the increased demands of the winter season.

While our team are experts at working on vehicle wash systems, this was a company first for a built in gantry system, but our engineering team knocked it out of the park on this visit.

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